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Our real estate services is placed directly under the supervision of our Managing Director, a seasoned administrator and experienced Estate Surveyor and Valuer with a profound knowledge of the real estate market.

Services we offer include:

  • Serviced Estate Development
  • Real Estate Brokering/Agency
  • Project Consultancy/Management
  • Facility Management
  • Real Estate Advisory

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Serviced Estate Development

We offer high-quality, economically-integrated serviced estate development, addressing critical community needs and services, and fostering economic opportunities. Our development process encompasses planning, design, and construction management that results in a holistic community be it residential, commercial or industrial. The development initiatives include:

  • Affordable/Mixed-Income Housing Development
  • Mixed-Use Neighborhood Development
  • Individual Home Ownership Scheme
  • Group/Cooperative Home Ownership
  • Affordable Commercial Property Development

Real Estate Brokering/Agency

Over the past years, our Company (working together with other local partners and associated firms) has handled acquisitions, dispositions, leases, and mortgages of several real estate in various parts of Nigeria. We are fully versed in the statutory real estate transaction procedures and are adept at keeping transaction costs to their legal minimum. We advise clients on Real Estate investment strategy, transaction structure, portfolio selection and management.

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of the residential and commercial property market with up- to- date data on prevailing price trends. Clients therefore rely on us to pinpoint the opportunities among the issues they face in real estate marketplace.

Our hard-earned experience gives us an intuitive understanding of your real estate needs and goals, we provide the speed and creativity to get you there with minimum fuss.

Project Consultancy/Management

We provide design, construction, development appraisal and other consultancy services for our clients. We also participate as project managers on behalf of property developers to supervise and coordinate the development team to ensure safe, perfect compliance to specifics, smooth running, successful and on time completion of the construction project.

Facility Management

As Facility Managers, we offer a wide range of services to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating the people, work place, process and technology. We maintain and develop the agreed services to support and improve the effectiveness of a business.

Our services cover operation of the complete building, provision of routine and preventative maintenance, cleaning, administration, management and contracting for third party services and materials, analyzing costs to ensure client gets value for money, space management and communications, etc.

Real Estate Advisory

Our real estate advisory services assist owners, investors, lenders, individual and corporate users of real estate to develop and execute sophisticated real estate strategies aimed at improving operations, unlocking value or minimizing risk. We have developed a unique advisory process to help you build the right real estate decisions to support your personal and business goals.

We begin with a planning session to understand your business goals and develop your personal and corporate real estate strategy i.e. real estate investment appraisal. We also help you decide the best way to use your real estate and assist you with every step of the transaction from planning through occupancy.

Our target clients include developers, equity participants, lenders, government and quasi government organizations and high net-worth individuals. Our investment appraisal service helps in strategic planning and due diligence, property acquisition, asset sale, new and redevelopment projects and "work outs" of distressed properties.

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