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Frequetly Asked Questions
Who is the developer, Kayode-Obembe & Co Ltd?
KAYODE-OBEMBE & CO LTD is a real estate firm incorporated and registered in Nigeria with capabilities to acquire, develop, sell, lease and manage properties and real estate products in choice locations across the Country.

Kayode-Obembe & Co Limited is the promoter and developer of the following estate development:

  • Porview Estate, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos;
  • Victory Estate, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos;
  • Grace court Estate, Ibafo-Mowe;
  • Vineyard Garden Estate, Ayetoro-Mowe and;
  • Imperial Estate, Papalanto-Mowe.

Where are the locations of the Estates?
  • Portview Estate: is located within the Lekki Free Trade Zone, almost opposite the new Lekki Deep Sea Port and beside Dangote Refinery & Petrochemical Company, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.
  • Victory Estate: is located beside the Lekki Free Trade Zone, by Lacampaigne Tropicana Resort, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.
  • Grace court Estate: is located off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway by the Redeemed Camp new Auditorium, Simawa Road.
  • Vineyard Garden Estate: is located off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, by Redeemer’s University Campus.
  • Imperial Estate: is located along Papalanto – Shagamu exchange road within the Mowe-ofada development corridor.
What is the size of the residential plot?
The size per plot of our lands ranges from 500sqm to 648sqm. 500sqm for Grace-court Estate, 550sqm for both Portview and Victory Estates, 600sqm for Vineyard Garden Estate, and 648sqm for Imperial Estate.
What type of title does Kayode-Obembe & Co Limited have on the landed property?
Portview Estate is located on a land with Certificate of Occupany (CofO), while Victory Estate site falls under the Okegelu Villages Excision granted and approved by the Lagos State Government. These are easily verifiable from the Bureau of Lands, Alausa, Lagos and Lagos State Surveyor General’s Office.
Is there any encumbrance on the landed properties?
The landed properties are free from every known government acquisition and no adverse claimant.
What about Omo-oniles?
You will have no need to deal with any omo-oniles. You are assured of peaceful ownership of your portion of the land in any of the estates as we will be acting on your behalf to acquire and protect your interest at all times.
What are the prices per plot?
The price per plot varies depending on the Estate. Kindly contact our offices or sales agents to confirm the current price per plot of your estate of choice.
Is payment allowed on instalment?
Yes. After the payment of an initial deposit, you are expected to continue to make monthly or periodic payments as agreed on the Contract of sales. Non-payment monthly as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of the contract which MAY result in the termination or revocation of contract. We are not required to put you on notice in this case and to prevent this from happening however, we expect you to initiate a standing order instruction with your Bankers to credit our account with the appropriate sum monthly throughout the tenure of the transaction.
What happens if I cannot complete payment or default in the payment of the monthly subscription?
Your land may be revoked due to none or irregular payment of your subscription or if you indicated your interest at discontinuing the transaction. Refund is possible but subject to resale of your plot. For a refund, you will give a ninety 90 (days) notice in order for us to process your refund. If that process is not successful, another sixty days shall be given to the vendor after which you (the purchaser) may have a refund of the total amount paid less 25% administrative charges and expenses. (cost of administration and commissions paid to probable independent marketers). Kindly note also that these charges are subject to review.
Does Kayode Obembe & Co Limited charge interest on the balance of payment?
No, the transaction is interest free for active subscriptions that are within the agreed term.
How will increase in price affect subscribers?
Increase in price will not affect existing subscribers in any way except if/when they want to subscribe for additional plot(s) or fail to keep up with existing terms of payment.
Do I have to pay Development Levy?
Yes. Though no amount has been fixed yet for this and will be determined after the estate has been completely delivered.
What types of infrastructure will the developer provide?
Gate (security) house, perimeter fencing, street lights, electrification comprising of transformers, strings, poles connection to national grid, security guards, recreation centre, paved roads with drainage, CCTV monitors and other concierge services.
When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?
Paper Allocation (Provisional) will be done after all the payments are made, while physical allocation will subsequently follow on a scheduled day after all necessary settlement. The physical allocation will be done in group and batches; subscribers will be notified.
Can I indicate where I should be allocated within the Estate?
We allocate progressively on first in line basis at the discretion of the company. However, preference shall be given to request for corner piece(s) plot allocation provided it is still available subject to the payment of a fee.
Can Kayode Obembe & Co Ltd build for clients?
Yes. We are very willing and positioned to construct for clients. We would be your preferred construction company/contractor because the fact that we are on ground and shall be handling multiple units which give us great economy of scale, making our pricing difficult to beat by any external outside builder without compromising quality. We can handle the whole building process from architectural design, bill of quantity, building approval processing to actual construction. Also, we shall also be your best source for quality building materials for your construction activities.
What do I get after completion of payments for the land?
Purchase Receipt(s), Contract of sales, Letter of Allocation, Deed of Estate Covenant, Survey Plan and Deed of Assignment.
Are the roads to the estates good and motorable even during raining season?
Yes, the roads to all our estates are on asphalt, motorable all season, except for Vineyard Garden Estate whose access road is an earth road at the moment.
Is there any restriction as to the type of building I can have?
Though every subscriber is free to build the house of their taste, it must conform to the plan as zoned within the estate layouts. Residential or commercial type of houses must be built within areas designated accordingly as residential or commercial.
Can I resell my plot/property?
Yes. Though transfer of ownership will only be possible after full payment for the land (plot) has been completed on the name of the original subscriber. The ownership verification and transfer attract a fee.
Can I pay cash to your agent(s)?
We do not discredit anybody, we however strongly recommend that all cash transactions should be paid to Kayode Obembe & Co Ltd current accounts (with major banks) while all cheques be issued in favour of Kayode-Obembe & Co Limited. We would not accept responsibilities against any liabilities that arises if these instructions are not followed.
For some of us that live outside Nigeria, can we be a part of this opportunity?
Yes. We strongly encourage and provide motivations for Nigerian in diaspora to be part of our estates for two reasons. Firstly, to provide opportunity to own a place to stay when visiting Nigeria that is cozy, serene and private. Also to invest in one of the most lucrative real estate markets in the world where demand always easily outweigh the supply and unmatched return on investment within a short period of time.
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